Transactions Costs, Risks, and Policy Failure

P. Martin and J. Shortle

Chapter in Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation (7 October 2010)

editors: C. D. Soares, J. Milne, H. Ashiabor, and K. Deketelaere


Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation is an internationally refereed publication devoted to environmental taxation issues on a worldwide basis. It seeks to provide insights and analysis for achieving environmental goals through tax policy. By sharing the perspectives of the authors in response to the diverse challenges posed by environmental taxation issues, effective approaches used in one country may be considered and possibly implemented by governmental authorities inother countries Each volume contains pioneering and thought-provoking articles contributed by the world's leading environmental tax scholarsThis eight volume includes 42 articles on environmental tax issues which were presented at the Tenth Global Conference on Environmental Taxation It features articles in six areas relating to environmental tax reforms: experiences and potential, market-based instruments for climate protection, market-based instruments for environmentally sound management of energy, market-based instruments for environmentally sound management of water, market-based instruments for environmentally soundmanagement of urban areas, and evaluation of market-based environmental policies The quality of the articles published in Volume VIII reflects the excellent and inspiring work of leading scholars and practitioners in the field of environmental taxation

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