CLIMA brings together scholars to catalyze transformative, integrated research on climate change, mitigation, adaptation, and decision making that transcends disciplinary boundaries and advances real-world climate risk management.


Reducing farm greenhouse gas emissions may plant the seed for a cooler planet


By adopting a few beneficial management practices, farms — and particularly dairy farms — can play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions that are warming the planet, according to a team of researchers.

Study finds global action needed to ensure acceptable climate futures


Ensuring a tolerable climate future, one that reduces warming while considering the costs, requires immediate global action, according to a study published in the journal Nature Climate Change. “The study analyzes climate change as a multi-objective problem,” said CLIMA Director Klaus Keller. “Considering only a goal of tolerable temperature changes misses important aspects. One also needs to consider goals such as tolerable costs and impacts.”

Decision makers need contextual interactive guidance


As decision makers balance economic, environmental and social aspects of living, planners and others need decision-making tools that support the process, but do not dictate the outcomes, so that trade-off choices can reflect a wide array of needs, according to a team of researchers who looked at an interactive program using trade-off diagrams.

Menominee Nation confronts the challenge of climate change


A new article in Orion Magazine explores how the Menominee Nation is facing the threats of climate change to its forest and way of life. A Penn State-led research team has been working with the College of Menominee Nation’s Sustainable Development Institute to incorporate indigenous knowledge and values into modeling systems that seek to analyze potential strategies for managing their forests in a warming climate.