Upcoming Events

L. Donald Duke, Bucknell University & Lara Fowler, Penn State
National Flood Insurance Program: Impacts on Pennsylvania Communities and Design

9 November 2018 at 11:00 AM (ET)
105 Stuckeman Family Building
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Past Events

Alan Robock, Rutgers University (CANCELLED)
Climate Impacts of the 1783-1784 Laki Eruption in Iceland
  18 October 2018
Melissa Lucash, Portland State University
Forest resilience under climate change: Tales from the boreal forests of Alaska and beyond
  26 September 2018
 117 EES, Penn State
Richard Murnane, NatCatRisk
CLIMA Seminar: Assessing Disaster Risk in the Developing World
  26 April 2018
 117 EES, Penn State
Mahkameh Zarekarizi, Portland State University
CLIMA Seminar: Towards an Operational Probabilistic Drought Forecasting over the CONUS
  19 April 2018
 117 EES, Penn State
Yulia Gel, The University of Texas at Dallas
CLIMA Seminar: Where the Home Insurance Meets the Climate Change: Making Sense of Climate Risk, Data Uncertainty, and Projections
  12 April 2018
 117 EES, Penn State
Isabelle Steinke, IMK-AAF, Germany
CLIMA Seminar: Ice formation in the atmosphere - from fundamental processes to albedo modification
  29 March 2018
 117 EES, Penn State
Casey Helgeson, Penn State
Rock Ethics Institute Colloquium: Responsible Communication of Uncertainty in Science: The Framing of Uncertainties in Scientific Publications
  21 March 2018
 133 Sparks, Penn State
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Helen Greatex, Columbia University
CLIMA Seminar: How Insurers and NGOs are Using Tailored Weather Data for International Development Operations
  15 March 2018
 117 EES, Penn State
Thomas Wahl, University of Central Florida
CLIMA Seminar: Ignored but not forgotten – unappreciated drivers of changes in coastal flood risk
  1 March 2018
 117 EES, Penn State
Chaopeng Shen, Penn State
CLIMA Seminar: Flood inundation modeling and deep learning soil moisture hindcasting: cases and linkages?
  15 February 2018
 117 EES, Penn State
Alexis Hoffman, Department of Meteorology, Penn State
PhD Defense: Determining the effect of dust and other climate variables on crop yields using diagnostic statistical crop models
  12 February 2018
 529 Walker, Penn State
Michael Vandenbergh, Director, Climate Change Research Network, Vanderbilt University
Social and Behavioral Science Contributions to Climate Mitigation: A Law and Policy Perspective
  8 February 2018
 124 Business, Penn State
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Casey Helgeson, Penn State
CLIMA Seminar: Value judgments within scientific practice, from a philosophy-of-science perspective
  25 January 2018
 117 EES, Penn State